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Privacy Policy

At Foxes Property Management, we appreciate that your data is valuable to you.

The purpose of this document is to inform you about the type of information we hold about you, how we use it and to let you know your rights. Foxes Property Management exercises control over the processing of the data we hold about you and carries the data protection responsibility for it. In legal terms this is referred to as being the “Data Controller”.

We are responsible for the security of the data we hold therefore please note that free access will not be available to our offices. We now have a door entry system and if you wish to visit our premises you will need to make an appointment.

Due to the nature of our business, we only require your Data to contact you in regards to matters relating to your property, (i.e. Flat, garage, house, etc).

This means that we may need to contact you for a number of reasons, such as repair needing to be carried out to your Flat, or because we are trying to arrange a Meeting, to which you are invited.

Therefore, the data we will use is as follows :-

• Postal address
• Telephone number(s)
• E-mail address

There may be occasions where we would need to share your Data with third party Companies, for example, when maintenance is required on your property. However, we will seek your full permission first. We will not share your Data with third parties without your permission.

We have received Data from Solicitors acting in the transfer of the Flat/House to you.

We will hold the above Data until you transfer your Leasehold interest to another party (i.e. sell your Flat/House).

Once you transfer your property to another party, we will remove and destroy your data.

If you have concerns about the way we handle your personal data and you think we haven’t dealt with them properly, you can contact the Information Commissioners Office or raise a complaint at www.ico.org.uk/concerns

Contacting Us
Please do not hesitate and feel free to contact us here